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Trashing Obama’s Legacy

Trashing Obama’s Legacy


by G. Brown

It’s still so surreal.  Every tweet…every speech, every alternative fact alleging fake news seems to confirm that America has entered some bizarro world where Superman is evil and everything we thought was up is down. Then something major happens to snap us back to reality, like former President Barack Obama though reportedly “irked” by the latest accusations against him still taking the high road and not responding.

Donald’s Trump outrageous attack on former President Barrack Obama only plunged us further into the land of bizarro.  Trump launched into an unprovoked tirade over the weekend with his most of astounding rant to date.(Of course, we fully expect him to top that rant at some future point).

The rant accused Obama of  ordering a wire tap of Trump during his campaign.

Trump’s claim…as most of his claims seem to be…remains unsubstantiated and not even his closest allies are rushing to his side on this one.  His spokespeople and even his Vice President couldn’t offer any insight aside from saying Trump’s tweet speaks for itself.

And it does.  It follows Trump’s “D & D (dodge & deflect)”  pattern when the masses start to focus on the truth…in this case, the Russian connection.  Trump always seem to have some 11th hour crazy reveal or comment to take the heat off himself by trying to make himself a victim or martyr of sorts.  As the Russian connection wasn’t dying down in lieu of Michael Flynn’s resignation as National Security Adviser because of Russian ties and most recently Attorney General pick Jeff Sessions having to recuse himself from any investigations into possible ties with Russia because of his ties to Russia, Trump was suffering from a one-two punch that was giving his presidency a black eye.

So what do you do when the heat is on? Cool things down by throwing somebody else under the bus…that somebody happened to be Obama.  Trump knows that his core supporters (alt right, far right conservatives and White supremacists) will respond to any dog whistle whenever it blows the tune of blame Obama.  But Trump’s go to line of blaming Obama and calling for an investigation may have crossed a line that can’t be walked back this time.

Trump’s outrageous claim rates right up there with the best of the worst conspiracy theories—much like his assertion that Ted Cruz’s father was part of the JFK assassination.  Instead of going to the agencies at his disposal as Commander in Chief like the FBI or CIA to determine if indeed his phones at Trump Tower were tapped during his campaign, Trump quoted some “fake news” conjecture from far right outlets Alex Jones’ “InfoWars” and “Breitbart News”.  Both outlets are friendly with the Trump administration and his White Chief of Staff Steve Bannon was a founding member of Breitbart. Trump calling for an investigation into Obama wiretapping him is just another rallying cry to demean and smear the former president.

Trump made it clear that one of his main goals would be to erase many of Obama’s accomplishments including the health care plan which republicans are chewing apart like a dog on a bone.  But is Trump determined to dismantle everything Obama accomplished in eight years?  Certainly, egotistical  Trump can’t be pleased that people keep comparing Obama’s popularity, diplomacy, intelligence and leadership to his lack of.  Trying to repeal Obamacare seemed political, but Trump’s tirade over the weekend seemed personal.  Just like the crazy birther lie Trump fueled for years against Obama seemed personal.

Perhaps the best way for Trump to build a legacy for himself is by doing something that the American people approve of…not by trying to tear down the memory and legacy of your predecessor because he was more popular.



  1. Definition of the word Treason: disloyalty or treachery to one’s country or its government.

    Donald Trump is a criminal! Trump and several members of his administration had conversations with Russian officials during the 2016 Presidential election. That my friends is called TREASON! Amerikkka was involved in a Cold War against Russia for over thirty years. CNN (Time Warner), NBC (Comcast) ABC (Disney) none of the corporate tv news networks have talked about the fact that Trump committed TREASON against the United States of America. The news reporters/actors have not said the word treason. They have said the word “recuse” dozen of times. Trump should be thrown in prison along with Jeff Sessions and Michael Flynn! How come Trump and his staff haven’t been arrested? Rich white people are the biggest problem with Amerikkka. Too bad poor white people are too blind and stupid to realize it!

  2. Donald Trump is nothing more than a little short orange haired redneck with money and he is jealous of President Obama, Everyone remembers how he ran around saying our president was not an American, etc., this punk is not my president and never will be, when we envy someone we try to destroy them, and Trump envy’s Obama. This White trash with money will do anything to destroy anyone that he knows is better than he is. Obama has class, something Trump knows nothing about and never will, he should have stuck to casinos and golf courses, it does not take a mental heavy weight to build those things, after all, someone else does the design and building. He did not do those too good since he filed for bankruptcy six times!!

  3. Trump is panicking! Trump is in over his head and he knows it. Trump is desperate to get people to stop thinking about his business connections and possibly his urine connections with Russia (Piss tape). It’s obvious Trump isn’t experienced or mature enough to be President. Trump assumes that creating bald face lies about former President Obama will save his image and his legacy. Number 45 needs to realize that as time goes on, more people will realize that Trump is more stupid than George W. Bush.

  4. Infamous quote from Adolf Hitler; If you want to control people come up with a lie. Make the lie big, make the lie simple, keep repeating it and eventually they will believe it.”


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