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Trending: What’s With All These Black Biopics?




I know I’m not the only one who has noticed it, lately… James Brown, Whitney Houston, Aaliyah, even N.W.A.  And just only some of the biopics that have been confirmed this year.  Plus Lee Daniels just agreed to do a biopic on the football star Brian Banks, about his false conviction of rape.

I have mentioned before that it was biopic season, but the trend is even deeper than that.  All of these biopics are of black celebrities.  It almost feels as though people are hopping on the bandwagon, simply having directors make films about them just because everybody else is doing it – But not everybody, just everyone who’s black.  What is the big deal about all these biopics?

I mean, I could understand if these upcoming films were about deceased celebrities.  Biopics about fallen stars like Jimmi Hendrix, Whitney Houston or James Brown make perfect sense.  But Master P and other alive and well black celebrities – what exactly is compelling them with the need to tell their stories?

I remember back when biopics were only made about individuals who made a distinct difference in the world, where an inside look into their lives would teach us of how their past could affect our future in a positive way.  On top of that, biopics only came out every once in a while, about legendary people.  This then lead to massive anticipation and produced incredible results in the box office.  You then have masterpieces like Denzel Washington in Malcolm X, or Will Smith for Ali.

I believe that everyone has a story to tell that deserves to be heard.  However, I fear that the magic of inspiration that defines a biopic will become saturated by this random trend of biopics.  A biopic should be a tribute to honor that individual for living their greatest life, not solely for the purpose of entertaining others.

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