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TRN Follow Up: Maia Campbell to ” LL Cool J “Pray”

TRN Follow Up: Maia Campbell to ” LL Cool J “Pray”


by TRN Writer

From the time it hit YouTube, the video was viral and erupted in a wave of reaction that the poster might not have expected including from actor/rapper LL Cool J.

Earlier this week, TRN brought you the story of a YouTube video of actress Maia Campbell asking a guy for drugs outside an Atlanta store.

The video prompted an outpouring from fans who slammed the guy, identified by the Twitter handle @TheRealThood ,  for reportedly trying to the shame the fallen star by posting it.  One of those coming to Campbell’s defense was her former TV co-star LL who suggested to the poster….








LL then reached out to fans to help him track down Campbell so he could intercede.  Campbell got the message and recorded her own video response to LL.  It rambles, is incoherent at points, but Campbell basically tells LL, who she calls by his real name ‘Todd’ (James Todd Smith) that she doesn’t need the kind of help he is offering.

Campbell was the beautiful young woman who co-starred with LL, Debbie Allen and Alfonso Ribeiro in the 1995  “In the House”.  The show wasn’t a big hit, but it kept a loyal audience for four years after premiering on NBC before moving to UPN for it’s final seasons.  The show introduced American audiences to Maia Campbell who’s beauty and talent helped her land a Young Artist Award the first year of the show and along with her cast members pushed the show to snag an Emmy nomination.

USA Today says another IG response also believed to be from Campbell again addresses Todd and says,  “I don’t need help; I don’t need a benefit concert for mental health. Don’t (direct message) me.”   LL  later posted on twitter, “You can’t help someone who doesn’t want your help.”  True…Unfortunately,we’ve seen this type of behavior play out with so many celebrities—Lark Voorhies (“Saved by the Bell”), Orlando Brown (“That’s So Raven”), Comedian Katt Williams, rapper Kanye West—whether  their bizarre behavior is caused by drugs, mental problems or Hollywood pressure, few of us take pleasure in seeing a life unraveling.

Campbell asked LL to pray—but she should know that many of her fans and the public are doing just that—praying for her.