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TRN’s Tiara Williams and Daughter Takes The “D” Challenge to Next Level



by TRN Staff Writers,

The best word for YouTube has been “CHALLENGES”.  The video journals attract a lot of attention especially since everybody seems to want to participate including well known celebs like Beyonce and the Mannequin Challenge, J-Lo and the Ice Bucket Challenge, and Chris Brown and the U Name It Challenge.

The other big appeal of these challenges is that there are varying degrees of difficulty meaning everyone can find at least one challenge they can take part in.

Some challenges are just for fun like the “Try Not to Laugh” and the Disney Challenge where you listen to Disney songs intros and guess the song title and movie it’s from.  Others are just plain crazy like the Cinnamon challenge where you eat a spoonful of cinnamon which sounds fun but the spice can be harmful even deadly if too much is ingested.  Or the Hot Pepper Challenge where you have to down some of the hottest peppers known to mankind like the ghost pepper or the Carolina Reaper –again exercise caution because people have gone to the emergency room after some of these challenges.

There are challenges to raise money for good causes like the Ice Bucket Challenge where you dump a container of ice or ice water on your head to raise money for and promote awareness of                           ALS (Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease .

And then there are some intimate challenges like the Touch My Body challenge where you blindfold a player whose finger is then placed on a part of the other player’s body and um, cough, cough—it’s best you play this game with your significant other. Still under the intimate, but raunchier challenge is the  “For the ‘D’ challenge started by a New Orleans rapper who encouraged women to freestyle about their sexual desires.  Hey, we’re a PG-13 news/blog space so we had to stray a bit from the salacious origins of the “D” challenge. If you’re over 18, here’s a link to xxlmag  where you can read up the original version of this challenge.

The great thing about challenges is that you can change up, spin, witch it up, flip it or re-invent any challenge to make your own iteration of it.  So, with that in mind, TRN’s Tiara Williams decided to switch up the “For the D Challenge” and take it to the next level subbing what the “D” originally stood for with her own “D” turning it into the  “Dreamers” Challenge.  The rules are still kind of the same, you freestyle based on what dreams you have or want to achieve.

Tiara used it as a bonding game with her daughter Lauren and its a cool way to spend some quality time with your children. If you’re not into challenges, still check it out below…it’ll at least give you a smile for the day! Enjoy…

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