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Twitter Burn: This User Calls out President Elect as “Fake”, “Imposter” and a “Loser”



by G. Brown

Turmoil, chaos and injustice still plagues many Americans and the soon to be supreme leader of the nation is focused on what he considers the most pressing issues…how a  comedy TV show is still making jokes about him.

We have about 7 weeks before president elect Trump  officially becomes President Trump…yet with the clock ticking, he still has time to watch “SNL” and launch into a twitter tirade as the show keeps making him the butt of its jokes in their cold open.  This past weekend, Alec Baldwin was back with his spot on Trump impersonation as”SNL” made fun of the president elect’s ridiculous and obvious twitter problem.

Sure enough, the thin-skinned Trump took the bait and what else…launched another twitter-fit firing off an angry tweet calling the show “unwatchable” because it once again made jokes at his expense.

Trump’s twitter ranting apparently is contagious because user Danielle Muscato launched into her own rant aimed at the man who will soon be running the country and calling him out for being just silly.  Muscato opened her rant with a hard hitting observation…


And from there, Twitter user Danielle Muscato went in…hard on the president elect….












And once Muscato went in…she was going to stay until she got everything on her mind about @realDonaldTrump off her mind. screenshot-106

Whew! That’s some serious third degree burn Muscato was dishing out.  A lot of readers called the twitter user for putting the truth out there and some even called her a “hero” for standing up to the man who will one day be the powerful man in the country.  But that Twitter user hasn’t said anything a lot of other people are  also thinking.  Since the elections, how many times have we thought or heard other people express some of the same sentiments Muscato brings up.

We better laugh now, because once that man takes the oath of office, we may all be swearing as things get worse.  He’s not even in office and already reports of racists attacks have risen especially against Muslims, Latinos and people of color in general as KKK members come out of the shadows and throw parades in his honor.

The trouble Trump has already created goes beyond just our borders. Relations with Mexico were frayed from his “build a wall” rhetoric which helped him get elected(by the way, Trump has walked back that promise now that he got what he wanted from those gullible enough to vote for him).  And now U.S-China relations may be in the gutter after Trump unwittingly broke a nearly 40-year diplomatic protocol by talking on the phone with Taiwanese leader.  Basically, Trump thumbed his nose at China which views Taiwan as a renegade province. Whether Trump was aware or didn’t care the U.S. broke all ties with Taiwan in 1979 under former President Jimmy Carter who declared Beijing the only government of China thus ending formal diplomatic relations between the US and Taiwan.  Maybe no one would have noticed the blunder if Trump didn’t brag about the congratulatory call in a tweet. (Face palm to head slap here)

So this is the man who millions put their faith in to lead this country who’s still acting like a bully on a global stage.  Meanwhile, here at home, racism incited by him goes unchecked.  Injustice incited by him is even plaguing high schools where Latino students in Michigan say racists students formed a human wall to prevent them from getting to class or their lockers.  Before Trump tries to set the world on fire, maybe he should put out the blazes he started in his own backyard.  Of course, that is if he can step away from Twitter long enough.

What do you think….is Trump already a disaster? Or is he just too green and getting to know the ropes of running one of the powerful nation’s in the world?

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