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Twitter Comforts Bill Cosby and Family Following Death of Daughter

Twitter Comforts Bill Cosby and Family Following Death of Daughter


by Ms. Black Hollywood,

Comedian/actor Bill Cosby and wife Camille have faced the pain of losing a child before with the murder of their son 21 years ago and now they have to endure the heartache of losing a second child.  CNN reports the Cosby’s “daughter Ensa has died from renal disease“.

News reports say 44 year old Ensa died Friday night after years of battling kidney disease.  She was reportedly on a list to receive a transplant after the disease impaired her own kidney’s ability to function.  Ensa like most of Cosby’s children stayed out of the glare of Hollywood lights for the most part, but she did appear once on her father’s hit series “The Cosby Show” in an episode entitled “I’m With the  ‘In’ Crowd.  Ensa appears in the clip below for the first time around :27 with the line “Maybe I’ll just sit this one out.”

Ensa’s and her siblings came to the defense of their father after he was accused of sexual assault by scores of women who claim he even drugged and raped some of them.  According to CNN, “Last May, Ensa and her sister Erinn released audio statementsin support of their famous father.“I believe that racism has played a big role in all aspects of this scandal,” Ensa Cosby wrote.“My father has been publicly lynched in the media,” she said. “My family, my young daughter, my young niece and nephew have had to stand helplessly by and watch the double standards of pretending to protect the rights of some, but ignoring the rights of others and exposing innocent children to such appalling accusations about someone they love dearly and who has been so loving and kind to them is beyond cruel.”

Cosby released statements through a spokesperson that read in part, “The Cosby Family thanks many people for their prayers for their beloved and beautiful Ensa“.
The man who was once affectionately called “America’s Dad” again felt the warmth of fans who put aside the shadows of the sex scandal to reach out and brings soothing words of comfort.
Ensa is the second of their five children Cosby and Camille have had to bury.  In 1997, Cosby’s only son Ennis was murdered during a failed robbery attempt as he tried to change a flat tire on the side of the highway.  He was only 27.
We here at TRN extend our deepest condolences to family and friends of the Cosbys.  Rest in Peace Ensa Cosby.