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Tyler Perry is Building a New Film Studio Near Atlanta Means More Jobs All Around




Thanks to a civilian agency approving the overseeing of the redevelopment of an old military base, film director Tyler Perry is giving back to the community in his own unique way.  He’s buying out 2/3 of the Fort McPherson site and turning it into a film studio.

He is going to buy 330 acres of the 488-acre site, while the civilian authorities would retain around 144 acres.  144 acres is a tract about the same size of the Atlantic Station development.  The film studio is going to have up to 16 sound stages, according to Atlanta city officials. 330 acres will run about 30 million.  According to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, all he needs now is the signature of the U.S. Army.

This is going to benefit employment in the community in a big way.  Mayor Kasim Reed shows his gratitude by thanking Perry and his company.  He says he is “confident that this kind of development will bring hundreds of permanent jobs into the area, and attract robust additional investment into the Southside of our city. It will also expand Atlanta’s footprint in television and film as well as strengthen our position as the cultural and economic center of the Southeast,” Reed said in the release, according to

Hopefully Tyler Perry sets an example for the many other black celebrities, encouraging to give back to the predominantly black communities.   More jobs mean more opportunities.  This is also an opportunity to see Perry’s work in action for those who aspire to work in film one day.  If we can have more black celebrities striving for providing more jobs to the youth and families of urban neighborhoods, there would be a dramatically positive change.

Good karma is on its way to Perry.  What do you think about Tyler Perry’s plan for a film studio? Write it in a comment and share!

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