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Tyrese’s Facebook Melt Down Begs Please Don’t Take My Daughter From Me

Tyrese’s Facebook Melt Down Begs Please Don’t Take My Daughter From Me


By TRN Staff Writers,

Fans and friends are concerned after Tyrese Gibson posted an emotional, teared filled video begging “don’t take my baby…this is all I got.”   Wearing a hoodie emblazoned with his daughter’s name, Tyrese broke down over all  his fears of losing his daughter in the court battle.  He blamed the ‘bad Dads’ of the world for ruining fatherhood for them all.

Tyrese Gibson says he hasn’t seen daughter Shayla in two months.  The “Fast & Furious” actor has been involved in a pretty messy custody battle with the child’s mom who requested a permanent restraining order against Tyrese.  The toll all of this is apparently having on Tyrese  is evident from his frantic cries of “I have have never done anything illegal to Shayla” and his rage-filled rant about paying out $13k every month and still that isn’t enough.

Tyrese’s post was up only for a few hours before it began trending.  Here’s that full video…

The angst of Tyrese’s predicament caused him to second guess whether he should even be on expressing all his fears on Facebook.  Tyrese then aimed  some of his anger at all his “millionaire” friends for not standing by his side during one of the most trying times of his life.

Tyrese has been wearing his heart on sleeve for the past few months it seems.   He’s been involved in a very public war  of words with “Fast & Furious” co-star Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.  US Magazine says Tyrese was upset that Johnson’s next movie release is causing a major delay on a “Furious 9” film.  US Mag quotes Tyrese saying, “While it has appeared that the costar’s recent feud is over Johnson’s spinoff film, slated to be released in 2019, Gibson clarified the rumors on October 11 while speaking to TMZ. “Everybody’s coming at me like I’m hating on Dwayne about his spinoff but I’m not,” the actor explained. “The truth is, I just wish he was releasing it at a different time.”   The article goes to quote Tyrese as saying, “Fast and the Furious 9 is not coming out until 2020 … That’s f–cked up.”

Tyrese fired another round  with an IG post just hours after his FB rant saying he will not take part in the next “Furious” movie if The Rock is in it.

It looks like all of Tyrese’s world is in a major meltdown because of his custody fight for his daughter.  He wondered out loud on his FB post if he should refrain in commenting and maybe he’s right.  All of his social media rants could look like a man who’s upset about possibly losing his daughter or it could look like a man who’s losing his mind and is falling apart making him unfit for the child to be around in his current state.  The video he intends to showcase his impassioned pleas could be misconstrued by the court and hurt his case instead of helping.

What do you think…should Tyrese keep off social media until his court case is finalized? Or is he doing the right thing by sharing all the details of his private court battle with his public?