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Tyrin Turner Talks about Beef, Copy-cats and making The Classic Film “Menace II Society”




tumblr_l5c3yq55X71qc24o6“I didn’t know it was going to be a cold classic.  I just thought it was the opportunity to be in a movie.  But when I went to a screening they had a lot of ghetto hood n*ggas at the movie theater.  At the screening they were just going crazy – cheering, crying – every emotion that you want to hit in a movie they were doing it.  Then that’s when I knew.  I said “Damn, we got something.”

Menace II Society’s Tyrin Turner talks to This Is 50 about being part of a classic, and observing the attempts to top the monumental film.  This classic set the example of other films that deal with gang-infested environments.  Turner points out that there is a Cane and O-Dog in every hood movie.

“I remember I ran across Damon Dash.  He came up to me at a party one day talking about, ‘we got a movie better than Menace!’ I said, ‘what is it?’ he said ‘Paid in Full!’ Okay, my n*gga good luck! Then Paid in Full came out and it did what it did.  Great movie but it wasn’t – Come on man. Relax.”

Turner explains that when it comes to type-casting, the directors want to be the star rather than the main actor.  Because of beef between the different directors, they ended up directing other movies that were ultimately based off of Menace.

Baby Boy“…Everybody wanted to find their own Cane. So then that’s how you come up with the movies like Baby Boy and all these other movies, trying to find the next Cane and O-Dog.  If you look at Baby Boy you see Omar Gooding being O-Dog, and you see Tyrese being Cane.”

“I hear the Hughes Brothers talking about Pac could’ve did the role. Come on man. He can’t touch that young Larenz man. Nah. I mean we’ve seen Juice and Poetic Justice.  He’s dope, but you’re not feeling to discredit Larenz Tate and Tyrin Turner. Yall got us f**ked up.”

Get to know Cane in the hilarious interview.  Watch here.  Part 1  Part II

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