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Tyson Beckford to Chris Brown “Real Men don’t Fight on Twitter”




by Kristina Byas

Chris Brown has proved that he is willing to do anything to show his love for on-and-off again girlfriend Karrueche Tran. That includes launching a Twitter tirade after seeing Tran post a picture posing with model and actor Tyson Beckford.

Brown apparently became upset when Beckford posted the photo and took to Twitter to threaten Beckford, saying “U wanna keep walking them runways.  I need ta legs for that.  Keep playing like I ain’t wit the bulls***.”

In response, Beckford posted a video stating “Real men don’t Twitter beef over a picture with an ex.”

Brown went on to tweet a few other things, exhibiting how jealous he was, but has since then deleted the tweets. Even though Brown was enraged by the photo of Tran and Beckford, Beckford didn’t seem at all bothered by the singer’s ridiculous comments.

Beckford and Brown are not the only two celebs to have it out over Twitter. It wasn’t too long ago that Iggy Azalea and Azealia Banks and Amber Rose and Khloe Kardashian were going back and forth.

Twitter beefs, although highly entertaining, really aren’t all that necessary. That goes for any social media beef. You have to wonder why these celebs choose to handle their disagreements in such a public matter. When any celebrity takes to social media to express their thoughts on another person, it can be assumed that they are doing it for one of two reasons: they want the public to be the judge of the situation or they are just trying to stay relevant.

Whatever the reason for the harsh words and low blows, it’s not the most mature way to handle the situation. And as far as Beckford’s statement on real men not Twitter beefing, that is something that can be said for all adults who should be handling their issues in a better way.

Do you agree with Tyson Beckford that real men (and women for that matter) don’t fight on Twitter?

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