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Usher’s Insurance Company Ready to Drop Him Over Herpes Allegations & Lawsuit



by TRN Staff Writer

Another day, another day of drama for R&B singer Usher.  The “Call Me a Mack” singer is being called a lot of things these days by women who say one night with their idol exposed them to STDs.

TRN told you Monday about Quantasia Sharpton who held a news conference to announce that she is one of three people suing Usher after claims that he exposed them to STDs.   Sharpton says she celebrated her 19th birthday by attending an Usher concert which came with what may have seemed like a birthday wish come true when she was chosen from the crowd and invited back stage. Sharpton says at one point a security team member came up and asked for her number saying “Usher had seen me back stage and was interested” in me.  Sharpton says after the concert, she and her two friends (one male, one female) returned to their hotel when she claims the singer called her and asked what hotel she was staying in and for her room number.  Here’s what Sharpton says happened after the call….”About an hour later he arrived. We spoke for a while and then we engaged in sexual contact. He never warned me about any STDs…I never heard from him again.”

Reports of Usher having herpes starting swirling after a news outlet reported that another woman alleging the same crime of having been infected by the singer was supposedly paid $1 million dollars to keep quiet.

Usher has been pretty quiet as the storm churns around him, but now  the “Let It Burn” singer may be feeling the burn from another angle as well.   NY Daily News is reporting that the singer’s insurance company is joining the fray and may leave Usher no choice but to confirm or deny the allegations. NY Daily News says, “Court documents obtained by People magazine   suggest the 38-year-old R&B singer’s insurance company is ready to abandon ship. They’ve reportedly filed court documents in Los Angeles asking that a judge excuse them from the case.” The article says New York Marine and Insurance  Company is claiming they’re not obligated to defend Usher, born Usher Raymond, in his current lawsuits in California and Georgia, or any others that may crop up in the future.

The article says the company is making its decision based on policy which states they do not provide coverage ” for an ‘insured’ who has intentionally concealed or misrepresented any material fact or circumstance…” That means if Usher knew he had herpes or some STD and did not convey that to women before sexual contact, then he is liable.

 As bad news keeps mounting for Usher, it seems to be mounting for Sharpton  who is feeling some burn on social media.  Sharpton found herself in a Twitter war with a comedian who decided to fat shame her after seeing her on TV.  Lil Duval posted a pretty harsh comment that in essence said there was no way Usher slept with Sharpton and referred to her as a “this”.   Sharpton fired back  and she went there… talked about his Momma saying she looked more like his father.

Sharpton may need to keep that fiery tongue because a lot of people may have the same reaction as Duval…seeing her as a gold digging villain instead of a victim.  Usher has a lot of fans and judging from some of the comments aimed at her on Lil Duval’s IG,  Sharpton may not only be taking on the singer but his fans and the public as well.


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  1. Shawn J.

    August 9, 2017 at 11:30 pm

    Pray for them both, especially that young woman who just dissed Usher by saying that his mom looked more like his dad; shame

  2. NBA is fixed

    August 9, 2017 at 7:34 am

    Go on youtube and look at the video footage of Puff Daddy admitting that he wrestled 10 year old Usher, butt naked over Frosted Flakes. #disgusting

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