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Watch How Samuel L. Jackson New Series Pays it Forward

Watch How Samuel L. Jackson New Series Pays it Forward


By: Leticia Latrice

Samuel L Jackson and his wife LaTanya have decided to come out with a new reality series. Please give the show a chance before you ask why Sam Jackson is deciding to start a rachette reality series.  Jackson and his wife are actually living the term “don’t forget where you came from”. The reality show is based on going back to the hometown where A list celebrities’ were born and raised. It will follow the celebrity as they travel to the community they grew up in. They will visit the house the lived in as a child and the familiar places that bring back memories. The point is to go back to the important places in their life that shaped who they are today.

Jackson and his wife came up with the idea for the reality series because of their own experiences. When they went back to their hometown they took a trip back down memory lane that touched their heart and soul. It gave them pride to ride down the old street they grew up in, visit the house they use to live in and go back to the community that supported them before they had fame and fortune. Jackson says this is the same experience he wants to give to his celebrity friends. An experience they can share with their hometown, their family, and American’s across the country.


The show is still untitled and does not have a release date. Regardless of when the show airs, it sounds very interesting and like a great show to watch. The series was created by Samuel L. & LaTanya Jackson, and McDonald. FremantleMedia North America will produce the show. Executive producers include Samuel L. & LaTanya Jackson FMNA’s Gorman , Jennifer Mullin Zoe Jackson, and McDonald.

It is so refreshing to see a different type of reality television being made.  It was innovative for the Jackson’s to create a show that encourages people to go back to the community where they came from. It is nice the main focus is to pay it forward to the neighborhood many celebrities lived in, and to never forget where you came from! Not to disown your hometown and try to forget it ever existed, like many people tend to do. The show will also help the celebrities bring more resources for families into the community and build on their foundation.

Do you think that Samuel L. Jackson’s  show is a good idea? Do you think it is important to pay it forward and never forget where you came from?

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