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We Know This Isn’t Janet Jackson-But Hair Company Didn’t



by G. Brown

Paul Mitchell is one of the biggest names in the hair care business.  For the last 35 years, women have flocked to Mitchell’s hair dyes and sprays to make their hair manageable.  The Beverly Hills based company rakes in about $60 million dollars yearly between hair care and beauty products.  The company was founded by John Paul Dejoria and Paul Mitchell —the latter is billed on their website as the “visionary behind the art of hair sculpting”. Certainly, their collaboration has earned them the prestige of the industry—not bad for Dejoria who went from pumping gas, homeless and living in his car at one point to launching a multi-million dollar business with only $700. They worked with some of the greats of Hollywood and even schooled the CIA on how to apply their “unique culture” of success. So, how could a company with so much going on let a mistake like this slip by? Over the weekend, Paul Mitchell made this post:



Notice the #JanetJackson. Great, except this is Diana Ross.  Granted Ross is attributed with having discovered the Jackson 5, but she looks nothing like Janet! Ross is even old enough to be Janet’s mother with a 22 year age difference. Just like TRN noticed, so did a lot of  Paul Mitchell customers and beauty school students who showed how ugly social media can get when a glaring mistake like this is made.

Screenshot (811)

Screenshot (807)






The company that thrives on cleaning up make up and hair messes was quick to do a make over. Paul Mitchell corrected its momentary identity crisis saying “Much love and respect to all the powerful female icons who have paved the way both in style and talent and our sincerest apology to this true legend”. The post then included a corrected hashtag of #DianaRoss.  Still, the company might want to seriously consider “koolqueenb” message to avoid another mistake like this in the future:

Screenshot (809)

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