Home Opinion We May Be Sick of the Russia Drama, But We Can’t Afford to Ignore It
We May Be Sick of the Russia Drama, But We Can’t Afford to Ignore It

We May Be Sick of the Russia Drama, But We Can’t Afford to Ignore It


by G. Brown

I was talking with a friend the other day (well, actually it was the CEO of TheReelNetwork, but the classification still applies) and we came to the topic of what’s going on in politics.  Or to be more precise, what’s not going on?

For months now, the nation and the world have watched the Russia saga play out with the exact same momentum of watching grass grow.  In hind sight, watching grass grow might be more interesting.  Everyday the MSM alerts us to another *bombshell* that fails to explode into any substantial  action or any kind of action at all.

Since the first murmurs of an FBI probe into a Russian plot to hack U.S. elections last summer, we’ve seen the Trump administration appoint cabinet members like retired Lt. General Michael Flynn only to have him step down as National Security Adviser three weeks later because of his Russian ties.  Trump appoints Jeff Sessions as U.S. Attorney General who stated during his confirmation hearings that “I didn’t have, did not have communications with the Russians” during Trump’s campaign.  Only to come back later and say that he did have two meetings with the Russian ambassador during the campaign.  We’ve seen Trump sit on camera and say he removed the head of the FBI who was leading the investigation into the Russian hacking(James Comey) because he was leading the Russian investigation. At Comey’s firing, the White House released a statement saying that Trump acted “based on the clear recommendations” of Attorney General Sessions–who excused himself from the Russian investigation after admitting his ties to Russian! I need to invest in an aspirin company because this stuff is headache inducing.

And now, the plot thickens once again as Trump’s own son and namesake Donald Jr joins the fray.  Junior  admits that he receive email from one of Donald Senior’s (you know, the President) Russian business partners who had been contacted  by a Russian government official offering them the inside “dirt” on Hillary Clinton.  Junior meets with the source and takes along Trump’s then campaign manager and his son-in-law Jared Kushner who is now one of the President’s White House advisers. Junior pretty much says the meeting was a bust because the contact didn’t really have any info so the meeting was really collusion. It’s not collusion because you walk away with juicy dirt, it’s collusion because you met with the Russian contact in hopes of  getting something juicy. The Trump’s most likely saw the meeting as divine providence…the rest of us call it collusion.

And that’s just skimming the highlights of what has been six months of nothing but drama —and not the good kind of drama where justice prevails, the bad guys are caught and the good guys win.  Throw into all that drama the ridiculing and bizarre tweets, the growing division and hatred under this administration and few wonder why it feels like its been six years under this president instead of only six months.

In the mean time, people are worried about jobs, will medicare still be there for their parents, police shootings against minorities continuing and real life issues.  If it’s going to take four years of investigating what seems apparent already to even the most casual purveyor of news, then why bother?    As GQ News Keith Olbermann so eloquently stated it, this “is criminality escalated to madness.”

In the meantime, Blacks and the rest of the nation are left not sure of what the future holds. Even when he was campaigning it was apparent to most of us that Trump didn’t really understand or care about the issues facing Blacks.  Now that he’s in the White House, Trump only seems to care about one Black–the former president Barack Obama.  He keeps bringing up Obama’s name as a dog whistle to get his core supports fixated on the Black man to blame for everything.  It’s a slight of hand trick, so they won’t watch what’s really going on with Russian.

One thing my friend and I had in common is that we can barely tolerate any headlines that quote or even reference Trump.  It’s a tough spot to be in when your job is to talk about the news.  But we have to keep an eye on what’s going on, no matter how weary we are of all the drama for the sake of drama.  Because if they’re pulling these kind of shenanigans while we’re watching—what the hell do you think would happen if we closed our eyes to it all?