Home Celebrities Welcome to the Jungle Jumanji 2 & Idris Elba Saves the World in “Dark Tower”:First Reel Look
Welcome to the Jungle Jumanji 2 & Idris Elba Saves the World in “Dark Tower”:First Reel Look

Welcome to the Jungle Jumanji 2 & Idris Elba Saves the World in “Dark Tower”:First Reel Look


The Rock & Hart Head to the Jungle in Jumanji 2 If you’re going to take on a classic, then you better bring your A-game.  “We’ve seen recently with “The Mummy” and last year with “Ghostbusters” that remakes and reboots sometimes fall flat with audiences, especially if the original is a well beloved classic.  Sony Pictures is bringing in two proven players who as a duo seem to have box office magic. Comedian Kevin Hart and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson team up for Jumanji 2: Welcome to the Jungle”.  The original, which starred Robin Williams, will be a tough act to follow.  The sequel updates the timeline to fit the digital age.  In the original, kids playing the ominous board game found the characters and animals jumping out of the game and into the real world.  This time, a group of high school students decide to escape the boredom of detention when they stumble across an antique Atari 2600 video game console.  The teens each choose an avatar and when they flip the on-switch, the game flips the script by transporting  them inside the game.  Trapped in the jungle,  its game on to survive stampeding rhinos, roving biker gangs and the pitfalls of Mother Nature such as massive cliffs.  The Rock and Hart first on-camera team up last year hit it out of the park at the box office. “Central Intelligence” grossed $220 million in worldwide sales—more than four times what it cost to make.  Their newest team effort will be released in December just in time for Christmas.  Until then, here’s Your First Reel Look at Jumanji 2: Welcome to the Jungle

Idris Elba Fights to Save the World from Hell in “Dark Tower”  When you bring the imagination of author Stephen King to big screen, you can expect the story to include suspense, the supernatural and science fiction.  Add actor Idris Elba to the mix as a gun slinging hero and you might have a sci-fi, fantasy western action horror hit on your hands.  The story revolves around 11-year old Jake Chambers who stumbles upon another dimension called Mid-World.  Jake soon meets a gunslinger named Roland Deschain(Elba) who is on a mission to save not only Mid-World but all of existence from slipping into Hell.  In order to save us all, Deschain and Jake struggle to get to the “Dark Tower”, but they’ll have to battle various monsters and a monstrous sorcerer who is determined to see all existence perish.  It’s taken almost seven years to finally bring the movie to audiences and the end result is a mash up where futuristic apocalyptic fantasy meets old west action.  The journey into the battle for life begins August 4, but here’s your First Reel Look at the latest trailer for “The Dark Tower”.

The Only Way to Escape Inner City Strife is to “Step” Out  It may not be billed as a summer block buster, but you may not see any film this August that’s more important.   The film was shot in the months immediately following the April 2015 death of Freddie Gray who died from injuries including a broken back while being transported by police.  His death touched off a firestorm in the city that spilled out onto the streets of Baltimore as riots and violence.  It’s amidst this backdrop that three young girls fight for a promise of a better tomorrow.  “Step” is a documentary that follows these three young ladies who attend the public charter “Baltimore Leadership School for Young Women”.  Film maker  Amanda Lipitz says she wanted to tell the story of her home city through the lives of these young girls, “Every American city has problems, But it’s important that — yes, acknowledge the problems, we are honest about the problems. But also tell the other side of it, the other stories, the stories of hope and joy.”  “Step” follows the girl as they deal with low-income families,  racism, streets of violence and drugs.  One of their coping mechanism is through their dance/step team which encourages them to see beyond all the barriers and achieve their dreams.  “The Lethal Ladies” dance team members also face the added pressures of preparing for high school graduation and an upcoming statewide competition.  “Step” took home a special prize for inspirational film making at the Sundance Film Festival and The Hollywood Reporter calls the doc an “uplifting success story“.  The documentary opens in theaters August 4, until then here’s your First Reel Look at “Step”