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What Do Blacks Want from Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton?

What Do Blacks Want from Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton?


by G. Brown

It’s as much a presidential candidate practice as visiting a Black church during the campaign or kissing babies at a political stump— the Democratic presidential nominee addressing the National Association of Black Journalists Convention (NABJ) to talk to and field questions from minorities members in the media. This year’s convention  in Washington D.C. was a joint event of both Black and Hispanic journalists who sat and listened to keynote address from Clinton.  Fresh off the heels of officially receiving the Democratic nomination, Clinton expounded on her political platform addressing issues like the unemployment rate and the huge gaps between Whites versus Backs and Latinos. Clinton’s solution includes dedicating $5 billion to train and support for people transitioning from jail or prison back into the workforce and another $20 billion to create jobs for young people.

Of course, no speech to this audience would have been much of a speech with addressing the issue of racism.  Clinton said of her opponent, “We need to stand up as a country and say that Donald Trump doesn’t represent who we are and what we believe.”

After her brief speech, the floor opened to questions that focused on issues including immigration, deportation, the email controversies, racism and how Clinton would address a nation where so many mistrust her? Key issues that are at the core of many communities–some  issues targeting more communities than others,but one person not happy at all with the line of questions was Tariq Nasheed.  The author, film producer and media personality posted his complaints about the NABJ event saying:

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A lot of posters responded with negative comments against particular journalists like TV One’s Roland Martin who was accused of “pandering” to Clinton who another poster called”the female arm of white supremacy”. Others commented that the journalists were soft on Clinton and that she”gets more of a pass because she can do the wobble”, or nae nae.

But other posters  moved beyond just name calling and labeling and gave more specific questions they wanted answered.  One person said she wanted to hear more questions about employment discrimination( which Clinton did address briefly), federal funding for public schools, child support reform and funding for HBCUs.  ALL viable questions that demand answers which you are not going to get  at event packed with hundreds of people and a limited amount of time. You may not even get satisfaction in hearing the answers you want addressed in a televised debate because again, there are constraints of time.

We all have questions brought about by our own private lives that we probably feel are being ignored, but is it fair to just complain that Black and Latino journalists are part of the problem? People comment that they are puppets being hand fed by the establishment and so are nothing more than Oreo’s going along with the program.  Sure, some are guilty of that crime, but some are dedicated journalists who want to get to the heart of issues that are hitting in our communities and tell those stories as they observe them. People like Jarrett Hill who was an out of work Black journalist, but was the first to spot that Melania Trump plagiarized Michelle Obama’s speech.

The journalists from Louisiana want answers about what happened to Alton Sterling…journalists from Baltimore want answers about what happened to Korryn Gaines…journalists from Florida wants answers to questions affecting segments of  their population like senior citizens. Speaking engagements like the one at the NABJ are nothing more than photo ops. They are staged junkets where the candidate is trying to win votes by appearing to be allied with the group in question or the segment of population they represent. It’s the campaign trail and while some questions, whether predetermined or not, maybe fielded, every issue won’t be addressed. If you want to know where a candidate truly stands on an issue, visit their website or tweet or write to them directly.

I’m not impressed that Clinton carries hot sauce in her purse; nor by seeing Trump pictured with a bucket of KFC in front him, or when local and state politicians visit my church the Sunday before an election.  We know we don’t want the dog and pony show that has become politics as usual, but if the economy, racism, poverty, health care, crime and education aren’t the REAL issues then what else is?

Here’s the transcript of Clinton’s NABJ address and Q&A and the video is below. Take a look at it and let us know what you think are the real issues and exactly what do you want from the next president?


  1. With respect to Hillary’s billion dollars plan for jobs and transitioning young people out of prison, we cannot be bought for one; secondly, the damage is irreparable and third, Congress will never approve it.

  2. When you get a chance, go to youtube and look up Tariq Nasheed’s hilarious rant on Roland Martin. He insulted Roland Martin so bad, it hurt when I was laughing. He talked about how Roland Martin was buck dancing and cooning with Hillary Clinton. He also brought up Roland Martin’s bizarre support for racist Paula Deen. He pulled Roland Martin’s whole card. By the way, Roland Martin is a member of the boule.

  3. Brothers and sistas here is something to think about. Hillary Clinton and former President Bill Clinton graduated from Yale University. Guess what, George W. Bush and George HW Bush and former Presidential candidate John Kerry also graduated from Yale University. Both Bill and Hillary Clinton are 33rd degree masons!

  4. I find it interesting that black people are perfectly willing to make demands of white politicians, but for 12 years wouldn’t dare make demands or even critique President Obama’s efforts on behalf of African-Americans. If anyone did, black people got caught all up in their feelings. They demonized Tavis Smiley and Dr. Cornell West for merely having the same demands and expectations of Obama that they would and have had of previous presidents, albeit when nobody was paying attention.

    I hate to say it, but for black people to all of the sudden have an interest in making political demands after having a black president for 8 years is missing the window of opportunity. I wish black people had such political fervor when Shirley Chisholm was running for president. We would have most likely gotten more focused attention and unwavering commitment from her.

    That said, black people should never give up on holding political representatives accountable and, more importantly, becoming representatives for themselves. Be the change you want to see in politics. It’s not enough to vote “the lesser of two evils.” If we won’t do it for ourselves, then we must raise our children to strive TO BE a candidate that black people can trust and believe in to represent their interests.

    Black people must evolve from being reactionary and motivated by emotional stimuli, and be driven by long-term strategy for acquiring political and economic power.

  5. A vote for Hillary Clinton is a vote for Donald Trump. A vote for Donald Trump is a vote for Hillary Clinton. A vote for either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump is a vote for white supremacy! What do Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have in common? Wall Street! Both candidates have cashed seven and eight figure paychecks from Wall Street corporations. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are the epitome of white supremacy. In other words, both of those white collar criminals hate black people!

  6. Well it appears that there is no Black Folks on the tickets so, what do you propose we not do? I think you are trying to push Trump out there because Jill Stein is White a and your personal attacks are terrible and not needed. Hillary Clinton is so much better than Donald Trump and if you were listening to his attacks you will hear that his agenda is awful. So, Jill Stein is not going to make it and I think Hillary Clinton is exceptionally smart and professional and qualified. I’m with Her!

  7. Brothers and sistas, are we going to fall for the same trick again? In 1992, hundreds of black bourgeoisie labeled Bill Clinton a pseudo black President because he played the saxophone on the Arsenio Hall Show. Two years later, Bill Clinton signed the three strikes law which sent over a million black men and women to prison; many for the rest of their lives. We can not be fooled by the same racist white family twice. Hillary Clinton is just as racist as Donald Trump and she is just as ugly as Barbara Bush! If this leather face white collar criminal becomes president, the mass incarceration and ethnic cleansing of black people in Amerikkka will increase.


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