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Terrence Howard Says he was “Settling” with his Third Wife




By Joshua D. Copeland

Lucious Lyon may have gotten a second chance at life, but these ex-wives and divorces are going to end Terrence Howard sooner than later.

Shocking news broke out in the midst of a heated courtroom against his never-ending battle to overturn his settlement his second ex-wife Michelle Ghent.  Daily News reports that during Howard’s testimony, Ghent’s lawyer referred to his latest wife, Mira Pak as his “ex-wife.” This surprised many people, especially since Pak was by Howard’s side just last week.

Though it may have been a sneaky and very secretive blow, turns out Howard and Pak have indeed decided to split for good. On July 27th the Empire star just settled his third divorce with Pak.  The couple split back in March, while Pak was pregnant with their second child, the Daily News reports. Pak separated from Howard back in August2014, due to irreconcilable differences.  The two were married in Canada back in October 2013.

His newly single status was brought up when he was questioned about his alleged phone call to Ghent back in October, 2013, shortly after getting married to Pak. They played recordings in court, where Howard confessed that he was still in love with Ghent despite his new wife.

“I will never love someone like I loved you,” Howard told Ghent in the call. “You are my dream of all time.”

In the recording, Ghent asked Howard why he continued to break her heart and married Pak if he was still in love with her.  Howard responded  by dissing his relationship with Pak, suggesting that he was merely “settling.”

“I’ve got a chance to be okay and to just settle,” he said. “I have the most brilliant mind in the f- – – ing world.”

It was a great way to leave the courtroom scratching their heads. Even the judge asked Howard how could he love her after she was extorting him for even more money after their divorce was settled? “I loved her, and I was afraid of her also,” Terrence stated Monday.

And we can see why.  Ghent didn’t just extort him for every penny he’s earned. She’s also been accused of sending him death threats if she didn’t get her money. She also threatened to release embarrassing videos of him dancing naked and having phone sex with multiple women. Apparently she was simply meeting “fire with fire” because she was facing eviction and taking surgery-related hormones, Daily News reports…

At the same time, Howard wasn’t necessarily an angel to Ghent, either.  Ghent has accused Howard of infidelity, domestic abuse, and even filed a restraining order against him for allegedly choking and punching her when they were in Costa Rica back in July 2013.

You would think that Ghent and Howard were mortal enemies by the way they’ve been treating each other. Pak may have made the right decision chucking deuces to this giant mess in Howard’s life. Because if this is what these two call “love,” they may need to re-evaluate their definitions.

What are your thoughts about Terrence Howard’s third divorce?




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