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What the Blac Chyna/Rob Kardashian Social Media Implosion Says About Us All



by G. Brown

The Blac Chyna/Rob Kardasian drama was so brutal, hard hitting and fast moving that  keeping up with the Kardasians on social media was like an Olympic sport.  The he-said/she said/ he released naked pics of Chyna cheating/the supposed side piece released more naked pics to get back at Rob/You cheated on me too!-merry-go round heated up Twitter and IG to such blazing temps that both social media platforms had to step in and remove some of the pics in question.

 As Blac Chyna is just firing her below the belt responses, her reportedly side piece hit back with semi-naked pics of the two of them in bed.

Rob has out ‘Kardashianed’ Kim, Kyle and Khloe. Hell, even Bruce Jenner–call me Caitlyn transformation is a big yawn fest in comparison.  Whether all of this is real, or just another Kardashian seeking headlines even while an innocent child hangs in the balance is a topic for another day.  Today’s focus is what’s happening to us as a culture? Trolling has become the new past time in the world and the nastier, the more riveting it seems.

Earlier this week, before the Kardashian train wreck, we saw a respected mainstream media outlet and what used to be the most respected office in the world dragged into the depths of  the underbelly of social media trolling.  When Donald Trump posted a GIF of his WWE take down of CNN, the news outlet didn’t turn the other cheek, but tracked down the original Reddit poster. The post came from a man with the online alias of “HanA$$holeSolo” who regularly penned “racist, bigoted and anti-semitic” posts—that’s a direct quote from the author assessing his own work.  After a CNN reporter flushed ‘Han’ out of the shadows, he offered a long apology in what he deemed his farewell post on Reddit….apologizing to the entire Reddit community and basically explaining that he intentionally trolled others as a way of entertainment and fun and that none of what he wrote reflects on who he is as a person.  ” I was trolling and posting things to get a reaction from the subs on reddit and never meant any of the hateful things I said in those posts.”  He’s used the “N-word”, the “B-word” when referring to women in addition to the “C-word” and has maligned Asians, Jews and everyone else he could troll.  But to say it was all in good fun is a lie—it was all to denigrate and trample on people you consider beneath you.

“Han”  only came forth with the apology after CNN stepped to him with a little corporate and legal intimidation in the form of cease and desist.  “Han” even gloated a bit after  the Trump took his GIF and ran with it tweeting it out to his million of followers.

But perhaps the most important thing we can learn from “Han’s”  Hara Kiri farewell post is his truth that what started as a fun, entertaining past time of trolling turned into an “addiction”.  “Han” confesses that over time, those funny little jabs he thought he was taking at Blacks, women, Asians and Jews soon became a sick game to see what was the sickest, vilest, most insulting thing he could post and get away with.  “Han’s” trolling addiction seems to have reach epidemic proportions in our culture when even the president considers disparaging comments about women and facelifts as fair game and  defends it saying, “My use of social media is not Presidential – it’s MODERN DAY PRESIDENTIAL.”  .  Is this what we as a society has evolved into…a bunch of cowardly, hate-filled people who no longer hide in the stealth of night or under white sheets, but lurk behind the stealth of made-up online handles and behind keyboards to throw bricks and brand women and men with scarlett “A’s” to publicize their adultery.

If we consider the abuse actress Leslie Jones was subjected to last year as communication and social it’s painfully obvious that this isn’t evolution…it’s devolution and we are becoming more primitive instead of  progressing into more advanced organisms adept at more complex function.

If Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian’s very private family squabble is being served up in the very public, social media as entertainment, then humankind should ditch the tablets, smartphones and computers and just go back to using rocks,clubs and sticks to bludgeon and cripple others. To paraphrase Leslie Jones…how is any of this human behavior, human?

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1 Comment

  1. Shawn J.

    July 8, 2017 at 6:49 pm

    I got two words about the Kardashians: who cares??

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