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Fans flipped out when it was announced late last year that Hip Hop’s legendary duo, Outkast, would be headlining the annual Coachella festival in southern California. Many Aquemini lovers flocked to the website to buy tickets only to be discouraged by the high prices.

But, thankfully this did not stop die-hard fans (including myself) from participating in the festivities. We could  stream the concert live  from YouTube.

Unfortunately, what I watched  left me upset, confused and disappointed.

I noticed early in the show that Andre 3000 seemed disconnected. He was obviously uncomfortable and trying to find his magical moment. But, I don’t think it ever came. By the end of the concert, he was completely withdrawn from the audience. Big Boi tried to keep the energy flowing to compensate for Andre’s lack of enthusiasm. It wasn’t confirmed until Andre’s choice to perform  Hey Ya – arguably the only song the audience knew, with his back turned to the crowd. This was a blatant sign of his disapproval of the environment.

I felt bad for Andre 3K. His return was supposed to be an electric and monumental moment in Hip Hop. Did he expect more? Did he want the crowd composed of mostly young white men and women to sing along to songs like Elevators and Gasoline DreamsWas he still in mourning of the recent passing of his parents? What was wrong with Andre?

Tell us what you thought of the performance, did he seem disconnected?



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