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Oh no! Nick Cannon says “No Comment?” When Asked About Failing Marriage




Every time we turn around, there is trouble in someone’s paradise. In this case, Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey are the ones experiencing hard times in their relationship.

There have been rumors of the two stars splitting up after six years of marriage, and the break up has been so crucial that Cannon has reportedly flown his grandparents out to support him during this time.

The world has always seen Nick and Mariah as the picture perfect couple with a picture perfect family, but that was only from the outside looking in. Every marriage has their problems, but we definitely were not anticipating a divorce from one of Hollywood’s beloved couples.

For now their alleged split up is just a rumor. It has been said that they would announce the split later this week, but fans are really hoping that they make plans to try and work it out.

Some sources say that Cannon is over Carey’s diva-like ways and is strongly suggesting a divorce. Other sources say that Carey is super stressed about the news and is drinking all of her problems away.

It is hard to believe the hype when celebrity divorces are all the rave nowadays. From Bey and Jay to Ellen and Portia, celebrity couples are all victims of the press and their longing need to diminish their relationships, so there is no real way to tell if their love is really on the rocks.

If Carey and Cannon do decide to split, it would break the hearts of many fans. To add insult to injury, they would have to figure out a way to co-parent effectively seeing as how they have two children together.

There is no concrete answer to whether the couple is really parting ways or not. They are selling their Bel Air home, but neither of the stars has commented on the rumors.

Hopefully these rumors are just that—rumors. It would suck to see such a fun-loving couple pump the brakes on their undeniable love.

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