Home Celebrities When Hot Topics Turn into Trash Talking:Wendy Compares Ashanti to a Stripper
When Hot Topics Turn into Trash Talking:Wendy Compares Ashanti to a Stripper

When Hot Topics Turn into Trash Talking:Wendy Compares Ashanti to a Stripper


by Ms. Black Hollywood

Talk show host Wendy Williams voice has gotten stronger and her views more opinionated it seems. Recently she turned her opinions toward singer Ashanti.

Rolling Out news site says, “Williams, famous for throwing shade in any and all directions, weighed in on the singer having a tense disagreement with former reality star and current talk show host Joe Budden. Ashanti appeared on Budden’s “Everyday Struggle” and she explained why she was upset when some fans threw money on stage during one of her shows as she was giving several men raunchy lap dances.”

Budden and Ashanti’s conversation got a bit heated after the host said the singer was “dressed like a stripper—and danced like one.”  Here’s that exchange…

So how did Williams get into the middle of all this? Well, Budden it seems is an old friend of hers and the talk show host felt that was enough ground to weigh in on Budden’s and Ashanti’s beef.

Rolling Out says, “Wendy gave her opinion on the matter, implying that Ashanti’s music wasn’t relevant. “You are a fledgling artist at best,” she said to “ooohs” and “ahhs” and laughter from the audience. “You are 40 something at this point. Nobody cares about her music, 37, same difference. You are – and I didn’t call you a stripper – I call you an exotic dancer” (which is a eupemism for “stripper”).

Here’s that clip of Williams and please note, there’s running commentary provided by the YouTube poster which is pretty hysterical.

Williams words are definitely harsh, but is she wrong?  Video of Ashanti dancing for men she pulled onto stage is a rewind of Janet Jackson’s Velvet Rope performance.  Nobody really complained when she did it, or when Destiny’s Child did a version of the routine at an awards show or when countless other singers did it, so why all the criticism for Ashanti?

But Ashanti had a pretty weak argument saying at one point that the song she was dancing to was about domestic violence and that she was trying to inform people.  Good cause, but something might get lost in the translation if people are only looking at you gyrating and not listening to the lyrics.

What do you think…is Williams being too harsh on the singer or telling the truth?