Home News Who is this Adorable Kid? Keep Reading to Watch Him Age thru the Years
Who is this Adorable Kid? Keep Reading to Watch Him Age thru the Years

Who is this Adorable Kid? Keep Reading to Watch Him Age thru the Years


by TRN Staff Writers,

The things we can do with technology.  Some hard working and might we add brilliant editors over at healthtrends.com got the idea to cram about 40-55 years of life into one 20 second GIF as they trace pictures of a little boy through the years and show us the man he has become.

Have you guessed who he is….

Yeah, that big grin and those ears are kind of a give away at any age. President Barack  Obama’s aging GIF was put together by the health news website to promote good health.  Notice how in the last eight years of the GIF is where you see the biggest changes in adult Obama’s appearance which is pretty much par for the course when you’re the leader of a superpower nation. But despite the external signs like rapid graying of the President’s hair, internally his medical reports show he is in top physical shape. To help balance the stress and pressures of running the nation, the President stays active like shooting hoops, running, giving up smoking and healthier eating habits.  He lost about five pounds in the last couple of years and his resting heart dropped from 62 to 56 beats per minute.   Not bad for a man who is 55 years old.

Perhaps the graying hair will slow down a bit now that he’s only got two months left in the oval office.  But then again, we may all be a lot grayer under a Trump presidency.



  1. Barry Soetero/Barack Obama whatever he calls himself. In my opinion, Barack Obama is the biggest trader to the black community since W.E.B. Dubois!

  2. He is adorable and is a great human being.
    I guarantee you that if he had done 1/8th of what Trump is doing he would never be our President because the people of The US would make sure.
    I watched the video with Van Jones speaking in the home of some Trump supporters and they do not care that he does not know how to carry a sentence and they do not care about him speaking about the women or filing bankruptcy & they do not care about any of that stuff…they just do not like Hillary…I think they believe they will have more White Privilege with Trump being President. All of the people that he has making up his cabinet…SHAME…..SHAME…SHAME>>>

    1. Hi Toni…they will have more White privilege which is what they voted to support. They were so desperate for that, they simply overlooked all his faults and shortcomings. Shame is right. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us Toni.

  3. You’re not lying but we all know that black doesn’t crack/You put people of that same age up against him and they look at 20 yrs older,

    1. Hi Delores Even with the gray hair, still no wrinkles or worry lines. Ron Reagan kept black hair, but that was obviously with the help of some dye. Bill Clinton aged a lot too and so did George H. Thanks for joining the conversation.


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