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Whoa: Fans Say That Suge Knight Shooting Is His Karma Of Tupac




Some rumors never die, especially the one suggesting that Suge Knight was closely linked to the murder of the late superstar Tupac Shakur.

Knight was the last person with Shakur before he was assassinated in Las Vegas, Nevada following a Mike Tyson fight. While Tupac was hit with several bullets, Knight was able to walk away with a scratch. After the shooting, several stories revealed about Tupac wanting to leave Death Row records, and the ugly side of working for Suge Knight.

Was it a miracle or set up? Many have believed for the last nearly twenty years that it was indeed a set up. And some believe that Knight being shot at Chris Brown’s party was his karma.

There had been several unfortunate events taking place at the pre-VMA’s events. Nicki Minaj’s backup dancers getting bit by a snake, or Iggy falling off the stage.  But the shooting of Suge Knight was far worst. He’s in the hospital after being shot multiple times at Chris Brown’s pre-VMA party. And what’s worse (if there is anything worse than getting shot) is that Chris Brown was rumored to be the target?!

Chris Brown 2Witnesses say that they heard four shots being fired at Chris Brown, Sunday at 1:30 am in West Hollywood.  After that, a giant melee took over the club.  Chris Brown was able to leave the club unharmed while Suge suffered two bullet wounds in the stomach and arm.  Some sources say he suffered other bullet injuries as well.

We don’t know who ordered the hit, however.  Sources are saying the shooting was related to a “Blood” gang affiliation.   People at the 10AK nightclub were shocked by the shooting.  “The high end establishment has never had an incident like this in eight years of being in business,” the source said.

Suge and three other victims were rushed to the hospital.  One of the victims is said to be in critical condition.  Even though Suge is in stable condition, the motive for this shooting is still unclear.


If it really was the Bloods who set shots off in the club, then who where they trying to harm?

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