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Why Are Black Celebs Lining Up to Meet With Trump?




by G. Brown

It always starts as a trickle and next thing you know Black celebs will be flooding the entrance to Trump tower to kiss the ring of the president elect.  TRN told you yesterday in our story “Rick Ross Says Yeezy, Played Y’all Ni***s as Kanye Meets with Trump”  about Kanye West flying to NY to meet with Trump in a move that pretty much stumped everybody—especially since West was just released from a psychiatric unit about two weeks ago and still managed to get security clearance.

download-5The pair met for about 15 minutes and both tried to be evasive when asked by reporters what the meeting was about, but they certainly didn’t dodge the cameras striking several poses that included a quasi hug and a pretty ostentatious handshake.

Later, Kanye tweeted that he met with Trump to discuss “multicultural issues“. Kanye went on to elaborate saying “These issues included bullying, supporting teachers, modernizing curriculums, and violence in Chicago. I feel it is important to have a direct line of communication with our future President if we truly want change.”  Ok…we’ll come back to that statement in a moment.

Tuesday must have been ‘bring Black celebs  to work day’ because Trump also met with former actor 1213-jim-brown-kellyanne-conway-twitter-4and NFL legend Jim Brown who says they also wanted to discuss issues facing the African-American community.  Brown also said of Trump, “When he goes through what he went through to become the president, he got my admiration…No one gave him a chance.”  The 1971 Pro Football Hall of Famer and eight-time NFL rushing lead also took the time to gush and fawn over Trump more saying, “The three greatest people in my life were white, OK. My high school coach, my high school superintendent and my mentor…When I come out of the box, I don’t come out of the box as racial. I look for good people and people that will be like-minded and help me try to do good for other human beings.”

Ok, let’s address the madness right here.  In recent years, Brown has also proudly worn the title of activist as someone focused on helping minorities and inner cities through his Amer-I-Can program.  So, how does an activist who claims to be fighting for minorities line up with the man who ran his campaign on racial hatred and calls to divide the races?  The ‘three greatest people in his life were white’? Guess those two Black people who birthed you weren’t in the running and a man you just met once and for a few minutes is now the fourth greatest person in your life.  Brown sounds a lot like an uncle Tom who is happy to kiss the master’s ring because he met with you for however many minutes and gave lip service that was enough to satisfy you.  All those minorities Brown wants to help will be the ones hurt when Trump and his cabinet of top 1-percenters pass laws to help the rich and forget about the poor.  Programs like medicaid, social security and health care are already being bandied about like political footballs–so maybe Brown is qualified to speak on behalf of Blacks since he recognizes a football.

And since we’re on the topic of speaking out for Blacks, who died and gave Kanye the right to think he even knows the problems Blacks are facing.  Marrying a White woman and having bi-racial babies doesn’t qualify you as an expert on  “multicultural issues”.   Kanye’s primary motives may not have been to address  issues as much as it was about his political aspirations since the rapper tagged all his tweets after the Trump tête-à-tête with #2024 implying that he still plans to run for the oval office himself.

Others in the meeting mix on Tuesday included Omarosa and another former pro baller Ray Lewis.  Someone who apparently is campaigning for the next “bring your Black friends to work day” is John Salley who called Kanye “Brilliant” for meeting with Trump.  Salley told TMZ Sports, “Ye to get the ear of  the Prez on social issues”.

But did any of them actually get the ear of Trump?  His cabinet and administration posts still look pretty much like a typical day at one of his golf courses…complete with a Black here or there to give the impression that he’s progressive.

Or maybe Trump is hauling out the Black celebs to draw attention away from the negative publicity of CIA reports of Russians hacking the election in his favor or news that judges are blocking efforts in states like Michigan and Wisconsin  where they’ve discovered voting anomalies.  But most of the public didn’t hear about that from the mainstream media because they were blinded by the dog and pony show of “Oooooh look-Trump and  Kanye!’ Trump meets with three or four Blacks and millions more are supposed to believe he’s looking out for them?

What do you think…is Trump meeting with Blacks to truly help the community? Or is this all just a sideshow to keep America from looking at the real issues?

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