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Why are Women’s Bodies Always the Topic of Conversation?



By: Leticia Latrice

President Obama has his two teenage girls in mind when he addresses the issue of women’s body image. He said he want his daughters to develop a good body image conscious. We live in a society that places so much importance on appearance and created a cookie cutter image women should have.  The cookie cutter image is tall, thin and light-skinned.

It seems like if you don’t fit into one of these categories you are constantly ridiculed and criticized. How fast Kandi Burruss lost her baby weight or how Mariah Carey gained 30 pounds after her divorce is always the topic of conversation. So if a woman is not tall, thin, light-skinned or half naked does that mean she is not beautiful?

It would be nice if television and magazines could contain more realistic body images of women. These false perceptions of how a woman should look cause women to feel a lot of pressure to “fit in”. Due to this pressure women are getting weight loss surgeries (like gastric bypass), liposuction, plastic surgery, and bleaching their skin. Medically altering your body to fit into the cookie cutter image is too much power to give to anyone. Should society encourage more realistic body images of women?

How can you fit into an image that is not a true reflection of an everyday woman? Most likely a woman who has children is going to have curves and baby fat. So why does she have to feel uncomfortable because her body shape has changed and she is no longer the same figure as she was at 20 years old. In other countries such as Africa being full figured is a sign of wealth the bigger you are the more money you have. Vice versa the smaller you are the poorer you are.

Recently networks rejected this Lane Bryant commercial of plus size women in underwear saying it was too risqué.

How is that more risqué than a Victoria Secret commercial or sports illustrated swim suit article? It isn’t, the difference is that they are not skinny women in the lingerie, it is full figured women. Unfortunately, society will always persuade the masses to adopt their views. This is why it is important for women to create and embrace their own identity. Not feel less than because of what someone else determines is beauty.

What do you think…does beauty come in all shapes, sizes and color?

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1 Comment

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