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Why Does a TV One Anchor Have to Explain Being Black In America to Wendy Williams?

Why Does a TV One Anchor Have to Explain Being Black In America to Wendy Williams?


by G. Brown

Talk show host Wendy Williams has never been one to bite her tongue.  She didn’t shy away from that philosophy on a recent show when she recently queried her “The Wendy Williams  Show” audience why there remains a need for Black college’s and universities. Williams said on the episode that aired in July, “I would be really offended if there was a school that was known as a historically white college. We have historically Black colleges. What if there was the National Organization for White People, only? There’s the NAACP.”

Williams’ remarks brought a swift education from viewers who were outraged.  The fallout from that episode was so volatile that three of Williams producers were fired, though the show is calling their dismissals “lay offs”. Williams apologized and said she was wrong. In a rebuttal , Williams brought on TV One’s “New One Now” anchor,veteran journalist and author Roland Martin to explain to her and her audience why she was wrong.

Martin laid it out explaining that her criticism has often been the criticisms of HBCUs and the NAACP that they are discriminatory.  But Martin explained that both entities exist because Blacks at one time were not allowed to attend or participate in White equivalents.  Martin said, slaves were not allowed to learn to read and those who did risked their lives to do since the punishment was death.  So attending school was not even a concept.  Martin said these Black organizations exist as part of “Black folks …trying to force America to live up to its ideals of all men and women created equal, but the reality is that was nice on paper, but it hasn’t been in reality…”

As for the NAACP, Martin said the organization was founded after a race riot, but “in 2016, we’re still fighting for voter rights, we’re still fighting for income equality.  Our institutions are allowing us to survive in America even though we built this country”.

The conversation went on to include the rash of police shootings of Blacks, the economy, Black Lives Matter and how to maintain your dignity in confrontations with police (that’s really worth watching the clip just to hear Martin on this topic).

It’s interesting how many Black celebrities climb the ladder of success on the backs of Black support and once they reach a certain echelon, forget that they are also Black and make comments that strike at the core of the Black community.  Williams’ show may have fired the producers who wrote the segment or gave her the research, but Williams felt comfortable enough with the information to be the one to sit on camera and say it. Maybe she was pressured by show runners to sound more neutral to appeal to her diverse audience. But Williams did have a choice and didn’t have to make the statement unless she agreed with it in some small way.

Williams quickly realized the major mistake she made and vehemently apologized. She is to be applauded for that and coming to her senses quickly and trying to do something about it.   The cost of fame is sometimes losing the ability to speak her own mind even on her own talk show.  In the segment with Martin, Williams talked about an incident in a store a week or so earlier where she was being watched by store employees because they feared she might steal something.  A situation she admitted happened only because of the color of her skin. So if with her celebrity, she is still exposed to the same indignities of racism that all people of color experience, why didn’t she stand up and refuse to make the initial comment. It would have been the perfect opportunity for that trademark bravado in saying what she thinks…even off camera.

Williams and other Black celebrities often get caught in the middle of trying to maintain their identity while appealing to a diverse audience.  The price for fame or employment should never have to be denying who you are.

Here’s the clip of that segment…it’s a good interview and worth watching.  Let us know what you think…are  some Black people selling their their identity for fame?



  1. Also, I come from a family of three different flavors, too my brother (Native American, 50%) was fine, but my American Asian sister was very discriminated against when young.

  2. I’m a true socialist. I would never get a talk show. Socialists are more discriminated against or AS discriminated against in the U.S. as identity politics people, and I’m gay and also on disability, so yeah, I would know and can make that statement.

  3. Brothers and sistas here is my short list of black celebrities you should completely ignore:
    1. Wendy Williams (Insulted the HBCU’s)
    2. Stacey Dash (Just plain stupid)
    3. Beyonce (Rich, glorified stripper)
    4. Lil Wayne (Convicted felon)
    5. Steve Harvey (Coon)

    Here is my short list of black people you should pay attention to:

    1. Dr. Boyce Watkins, PhD Ohio State University
    2. Dr. Michelle Alexander, Stanford Law Degree
    3. Dr. Joy Degruy, Professor Portland State University
    4. Randall Robinson, Harvard Law Degree
    5. Dr. Cornel West, PhD Princeton

    Notice that the people I suggest you pay attention to have authored books and essays. The celebrities I suggest you stay away from have authored hurtful, bizarre and stupid statements. In conclusion, stop watching Wendy Williams tv show and start reading books by Dr. Michelle Alexander and Dr Joy Degruy.

    1. @NBA is fixed LOL…I’m still laughing at your #2 on stay away list. I do like your list of people to pay attention to. Thanks NBA

  4. The number one threat to white supremacy is not the Chinese, not the Muslims, IT’S US! The wealthy, racist white people who run this country have a major goal; to prevent black people from gaining knowledge, wisdom, information, land and wealth. Wendy Williams, Stacey Dash, Beyonce, Rihanna, Lil Wayne, Tia Mowry and many other black hollywood celebrities are hired by the white aristocracy to keep the black population in a state of ignorance and poverty. Black celebrities along with the black people in Sigma Pi Phi (Boule) are modern day house slaves! If you keep black people dumb and ignorant, they will remain docile and obedient. If black people are intelligent, aware, angry and rich, we may revolt.

    1. @ NBA is fixed Hi NBA You hit upon one of the key points Martin made in the video, that being how key education is. Education isn’t just going to school, it’s being aware of what’s going on around us and concerning us. It’s working locally with the community to help each other in any capacity. It’s knowing where you stand and not letting others tell you where to stand, when to speak and what to think. Thanks so much for your insight. Take care NBA


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