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3 Celebs That Never Age: Here are Their Beauty Secrets




Hollywood stars spend so much time in the public eye so they must look their best.

Whether they’re going to the grocery store or to a big gala, their skin, body, and attire get the utmost attention. Some celebrities go to extremes with high end stylists, talented makeup artists, or the best surgeon on planet earth but there are a few stars that seem to be frozen in time.

Stacey Dash – Born in 1967 this 47 year old beauty gets better with age. Known for her big roles in oldies like Clueless and her recent role in Single Ladies, no matter where you see her she always looks stunning. The black and Latina star says her secret to staying young is eating clean, working out, and keeping her skincare as simple as possible. Her only skin products are Cetaphil, an eye cream and SPF! lisa


Lisa Raye McCoy – This 46 year old had been in the dreams of many men for years. With her Chi town accent and her banging body, Lisa Raye McCoy never missed a step. Lisa makes sure she is protected from the number one aging factor by wearing SPF. Lisa is old school and doesn’t believe in a lot of product. She says “It’s all in the genes.”

C2eIMMVPharrell must be lucky to be this handsome at 41. Although he is now focusing more on himself, he was well known for doing amazing features with well known artists. Pharrell stated that Naomi Campbell introduced him to taking care of his skin by suggesting he stop using drugstore products and see a skincare professional. Well, his dermatologist Dr. Elena Jones hooked him up with some skincare products that have him looking great! Pharrell swears he never skips cleansing his face. He feels that is most important to maintain healthy skin.

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