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Why Michael Brown Was Really Gunned Down by Police: New Video Searches for Truth



by G. Brown

For three years the public was told the same narrative…’Micheal Brown was gunned down by police after being suspected of robbing a store.’   But new video that’s just surfaced is shedding new light on what seems to be an old lie.

Michael Brown’s shooting death by Ferguson Missouri police in August of 2014 touched off a racial storm that has been marked by protests across the nation.  The 18 year old was fatally shot by officer Daren Wilson after the White police officer said Brown was robbing the store.  Security camera footage supposedly showed Brown stealing several packages of cigarillos.  But a documentary director says that video of Brown leaving the store was the second video of  Brown’s visit to that same convenience store.  Director Jason Pollock has video that shows Brown entering the store earlier about eleven hours earlier…handing a package of some sort to the cashier and receiving a bag of cigarillos.  Brown then is reportedly seen handing the bag back to the clerk.  The second video supposedly shows Brown returning to pick up the bag of cigarillos that he left with the clerk from the earlier video.  Here’s an except from Pollock’s documentary “Stranger Fruit” on the truth behind what he thinks really happened the day Brown was killed.

Pollock says the video proves that Brown was not a robber being gunned down by a police officer and vehemently voiced his opinion on CNN during a panel discussion about what he calls a cover up by police and officials.

Pollock says if both videos had been released, it would have removed the doubt that Brown robbed the store and may even have avoided all the racial tension in Ferguson and around the nation that occurred because of the shooting.  That latter statement maybe nothing more than optimistic conjecture.  Though the release of both videos could have doused some of the negative portrayals of Brown in the media as a robber shot by a cop doing his duty, it wouldn’t have curbed the racial tension that was already brewing behind  other shootings and the deaths of unarmed Black teens and men like Trayvon Martin, Freddie Gray and Eric Gardner.

Whether the new video will change anything at this point is doubtful. Do we really expect Ferguson to go back and re-examine the entire Brown case?

An even more disturbing question haunts America over at the pages of Huffington Post where an article queries what will happen in Trump’s America if another death in a police officer vs. Black unarmed man or woman occurs?

Brown’s father  Michael Brown Sr. has looked and the video and takes comfort in what he saw because he says the new video shows that his son “was not in the wrong”.  The older Brown is very critical of Ferguson police and officials for holding back that first tape and says, “”Maybe the city of Ferguson wouldn’t have gotten tore up like that…It’s almost like they asked for it, if you ask me, for not keeping no truth in there.”

What do you think…is Michael’s dad right, could all the protests and racial tension have been avoided if the first tape was released?  Will it make any difference now that its coming out in a documentary?

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