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Why People are Calling ‘Facebook Killer Stevie Stephens’ Fake News



by G. Brown

**UPDATE**:  11:55am ET  04/18/2017  Manhunt for Steve Stephens ends after officials say the suspect shot and killed himself.   The 37 year Stephens reportedly shot and killed himself following what’s described as a brief police chase in Erie County, Pennsylvania where State troopers spotted the suspect.  The troopers attempted a traffic stop but a chase gave way ending with Stephens reportedly taking his own life.


On Easter Sunday while many were spending the day celebrating the holiest day on the Christian calendar, others were being enveloped in fear as they watched a terrifying video story unfold on Facebook.

An Ohio man named Steve Stephens decided to turn Easter Sunday into a day he renamed “The Easter Sunday Joy Lane Massacre” in a video he posted about why he was engaging in a murder spree.  Joy Lane,Stephens posted, was the love of his life until they broke up which supposedly left him broken…so broken that he decided that murder was the only way to make his pain stop.  There is no logic in that sentence, but it is the story that Stephens told in Facebook video post.

In the video, Stephens shows the outside of the office building where he said  “the love of my life works there her name is Joy Lane“.  Stephens continues his very calm narration saying,  “We’ve been together three years, we suppose to got married, but….was just some bulls**t that I just couldn’t deal with her anymore. But anyway, she’s the reason why I’m making this video and she’s the reason what’s about to happen today…she f**king drove me crazy.”  Then Stephens pans the camera around so you can see him as he identifies where he works, shows his work ID and explains more that Joy Lane drove him crazy, made him gamble and he lost everything he had.  He goes on to say, still in a very calm, controlled manner,  “I’m gonna try to kill as many people as I can over here….f**k Joy Lane”.  He goes on this ramble about the human condition, breaking points, reaching out to his mom who didn’t care, nobody cares and how he’s always the bad guy as he keeps describing  his plan to kill as many people as he can.  He rambles more about being beaten down and tired before offering up this confession, “The people I’m gonna kill today is Easter Sunday, it’s not my first.”  This entire time, Stephens is giving exact street addresses of where he is broadcasting live from, naming who he is,where the bodies are, even giving out his work phone number …and still police can’t catch him?

His video rant continues for another few minutes before the camera switches off, then dissolves into an adjusted, better framed, wider shot to show him on the phone explaining to someone that he has a lot of  “built up anger” and frustration and how he : just snapped”. He says, “I just  killed 13 motherf**kers man, that’s what I did, I killed 13 people and I’m about to keep killing until they catch me.”  If Stephens has indeed left a trail of bodies, police haven’t revealed they found them.  The only victim that’s been identified so far is a 74 year old man identified as Robert Godwin who was reportedly walking home from a family Easter gathering when he was allegedly shot and killed by Stephens.

Now, the FBI says there is a nationwide manhunt for Stephens.  While some have posted disdain for the man who says he’s on a murder spree and expressed sympathy for his victims, others are not so convinced any of this is real.





















In the middle of his  “murderous rant”, Stephens even commented that he couldn’t believe people thought this was all fake.  Perhaps it would have been easier for people to believe  if the man claiming to be unhinged to the point of massacre didn’t keep checking his FB feed to see what people were saying about him.  It also didn’t help that the man who claims to have lost “everything” in gambling debts still could afford at least two phones or cameras—one to talk on and the other to take pictures of him talking on the phone about all the people he killed.

The fact that so many people are unwilling to believe what should be a deeply disturbing saga tells how far we as a society have slipped away from humanity. Thanks to the advent of social media, the “Truther Movement”, conspiracy theorists and YouTube channels like Alex Jones who’s now admitting that his channel is fiction under the guise of ‘performance art’, the masses no longer believe everything they see.  People no longer believe in their leaders, their police, their government, their political system, their justice system, their news or even their fellow man.  People have been lied to, used and abused so long that they are desensitized and scrutiny has become their first reaction.  The tragedy in all this isn’t that people don’t care about the loss of fellow life—I think most people still care, the tragedy is that people no longer trust the powers that be to tell them the truth.

What do you think about the Stephens Face Book Killer story?…Is it real, is a murderous  Black man roaming across the country eluding police? Or is there something else going on?



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