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Getting in shape can be a long journey. If you aren’t participating in today’s quick fixes, trying to lose weight can be discouraging. When you get stuck in a rut, one of the best ways to step up your fitness routine is to incorporate workouts that are enjoyable for you. Recently, the top celebrities with the hottest bodies are giving up their fitness secrets and they are more interesting than you think.

If you’ve ever found yourself intrigued by ballet, this may be the perfect workout for you. Barre uses techniques from ballet warm-ups to sculpt and tone every muscle. The bar used in ballet gives you awesome stability while you squat, stretch and kick. Actress Tika Sumpter tells US Weekly Barre is the most intense workout shes ever done!




This is a ninety minute class in a room heated to almost one hundred and ten degrees. Bikram is a series of twenty six yoga postures. Each posture benefits a different part of the body and is even proven to benefit the organs. People suffering with back issues can benefit from Bikram since it is proven to realign the spine. If you don’t like a workout that leaves you panting like a dog, Bikram may be your best friend. Yes indeed it is hot, but the moves are slow and serene. Beyonce practices Bikram as one way to stay in shape. No wonder she can twist like that!

Bring out your sexy side and learn the art of pole dancing. Yes this is the same kind of pole exotic dancers use to perform. Pole dancing takes confidence, patience and a ton of upper body strength. It may sound trashy but doing pole work can firm muscles throughout the entire body. Take a few tips home and spice up your love life in a sexy, unique way. Kelly Rowland enjoys pole dancing at Kitty Kat pole dance studio.

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