by G. Brown Cassandra Merlin posted photos of her son on Facebook and the images are enough to melt the coldest of most hearts.  The pictures show the rope burns that now scar her son’s neck after some teens tried to lynch the boy from a tree. Merlin said in the original post that “I […]
by G. Brown In Charlotte N.C., the mayoral race has reached the TMI stage—not ‘too much information’ but ‘too much ignorance’. Candidate Kimberly Paige Barnette lists among her qualifications she is ‘Republican’, ‘Smart‘, ‘Traditional‘…and oh yeah, ‘White‘.  Now given the fact that she added ‘White’ as one of the reasons to vote for her, it […]
by G. Brown The horrors of Hurricane Harvey are becoming devastatingly clearer with each drop of rain.  Thirty people feared dead as of this writing, another 35-thousand people forced from their homes by rising waters. And the worst is far from over… early Wednesday morning, Harvey hit landfall for a second time promising more devastation […]